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Local Students clean up for a good cause

by Lenore Baccarella, Bellmore Life, May 19, 2010
A LOCAL CLEAN UP TEAM: Ricky Schneider, Mary Pallotta, Brandon Baccarella and Sarah Shamane are making a difference.
“It started as a local clean up for three Martin Avenue Sixth graders. They ‘wanted to do something nice.'”Brandon, Ricky and Sarah felt they needed to htelp the environment by picking up bottles, cans and paper around the neighborhood. They started by the creek area behind Mepham High School.

They had mixed feelings on the trash that people threw in the creek; feelings of disgust and of elation. Why can’t people throw their garbage in a trash can where is belongs?

They were elated since they knew they could turn garbage into money. They decided collectively that they would give any money they earned from the recycling to The Guardian Brain Foundation.

Once they finished cleaning the creek area, they each started their own jars and put their money together to give to The Guardian Brain Foundation.

Children making a difference…

The Guardian Brain Foundation thanks Brandon, Ricky and Sarah for a job well done. They came up with the idea to collect and recycle cans for cash to help make a difference. They chose The Guardian Brain Foundation.

Our mission, simply, is: We believe in the quality of life and sharing compassion. We provide support to children and adults with injuries and tumors of the brain. We are so proud of the children for truly making a difference and becoming guardians. They are an inspiration to us all. They received an Erin Getzler Butterfly Award in memory of Erin Getzler, who succumbed to a brain tumor. She attended Martin Avenue School in Bellmore. We keep her memory alive through the inspiration award program for children who want to help make a difference.